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12.00 € (Min qty: 10 pieces)


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12.00 €

Do you need help? Contact us, we will help you to create a customized biscuit as unique as you are

Grammo marshmallow x6

personalized with the graphic chosen by the customer

standard square shape approx. 4.5 cm

Packed in rectangular box measuring 22 x 13 x 3 cm. Kraft pack color (havana)

Possible customization with a sticker that follows colors and theme of your special event (extra cost)

Unopened biscuits have shelf life over 2 months

IMPORTANT: the marshmallows are not perfect squares and have a non-smooth surface in which there may be slight ripples typical of the product. The graphic result may be different and not uniform Thin lines and light colors are not recommended, especially for lettering.