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Which are the ingredients of biscuits?
Butter, flour, sugar, eggs, Varhona chocolate, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. You will never find preservatives, margarine, cocoa and vanilla surrogates in our pastry laboratory.


What kind of food colouring do you use?
We use 100% made in Italy food colouring, certified and guaranteed for food usage. They are totally natural, GMO-free and gluten-free.


What is the delivery timing?
Production takes 7 working days, starting from the payment of your order. Then you must add 2-5 working days for shipping. Overall, therefore, you will receive our products after 10-12 working days after your order.

May I customize cookies with any kind of image?
Yes, we can create ad hoc cookies with photos, images, illustrations or writings. You can upload your picture directly in the shop page of our web site, and please contact us at for any question or doubt you can have.


How many pixel does the image have?
A good image resolution means a good result for you biscuits. So we ask for at least 800 kb. However, we normally do a preliminary test. Then we contact you if the outcome does not match with our quality standard


Why your biscuits are so expensive?
The creation of a single biscuit requires much time. Although we use high tech machines, each cookie is finished entirely by hand and made with ingredients of the highest quality. Some examples? We do not use vanilla or cocoa surrogates, but real vanilla beans and Valrhona chocolate. Only these two simple ingredients have a cost per kilo almost 7 times higher than the cost of similar products but with lower quality.


Which is the shelf life of biscuits?
We create biscuits only after your request and we immediately pack them to preserve freshness. Duly stored cookies can last up to 60 days.

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